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This is the sound of settiling...

Hey Stalkers,

What's goin on? Well nothing out of the ordinary has happened in my life lately. I met that new girl -- Kat. She's pretty kick ass. She had a party at her house or whatever and I decided to grace everyone with my prescence. I have to say it was really interesting. There were some Kegs, people smoking, people dancing. I guess it was cool. Greenpeace is not as innocent as I thought. That's all I have to say.

Anyway. I was walking through town and I came across a red corvette. I was investigating, which any normal person would do, and the kid inside seemed kind of freaked out and pretty hot. We wound up going for some food at the dot and then I took him on a tour of this oh so lovely place. We somehow got into the school and I explained what really happend with Rick. Apparently the American News Stations viewed a warped version of the story. Some freaky shit happened in that school, Ryan was tripped by something and he cracked his head on the side of the desk, and the doors were locked so I broke some glass to get out of the school... it was pretty fucked up. Oh and something grabbed my ass...

Yeah so I have work tonight. Call me if you wanna hang out afterwards or whatever.

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