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Merry Fucking Christmas

Hey people,

Sorry for the lack of updates, my life has sucked more than usual so I havent really been up to it. get over it. Tis the season for all the fucking holidays. oh joy.

A holiday that recently passed was Thanksgiving. See now thats a holiday I dont understand at all. We treat the indians like shit and decieve them, and some how we all get fat from turkey every thanksgiving. How are we supposed to feel thankful about what we have when the holiday is based on something so cruel. Its like 'oh yeah lets be thankful that we treated the indians like shit and got our way'. Yeah whatever. Holidays SUCK. This thanksgiving I went to Ryans rehab and brought him some turkey. We had a long talk and he pretty much knows that I love him, and I always will. What he does with that information is his problem now.

I hung out with that Holden Kid. I showed him to some of the coolest places to skate or whatever. He's a cool kid he said he liked me... but I told him I still love Ryan, and until I have everything settled, I really dont want to get involved with anything or anyone because Ill just fuck everything up... as usual I also hung out with tyler. I got the kid a job at the movies. He's fucking fun to work with... hes got a good head on his shoulder and he learns quick, my kinda co worker.

Now, onto other shit.

Well what do you know? Its that time of year that no one really understands. If you go up to random people on the street and ask them What the fuck we have christmas for, half of them will give you a dumbass reply. Most people talk about some shit having to do with loved ones and presents. Well for those of us who have no Loved ones, thats a load of SHIT. How the fuck do we go from Jesus, to presents? Now, Im not religious at all.. but seriously even I know what went down on 'Christmas'. Christmas is really just another hallmark tradition to me.. Everyone goes crazy trying to find the perfect gift for everyone else. WHY? its not like its your damn birthday or anything.. for those of you who are religious and reading this... sorry if I offend you but as you know by now I speak my mind. Sorry to be Scrooge, but I guess the holidays just arent my thing.

Im out of here and I plan on sleeping in on christmas.. so call after 1pm spending christmas alone for the third year in a row

call me if you want..


((ooc: Just for the record, I am not trying to start a whole religon conflict, Just seems like something Alex would say. I love everyone and Happy holidays!! <3333)))
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