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I should tell you..

Life has been so complicated lately... Sometimes I just wish I wasnt here anymore. No im not getting all sappy and fucking pathetic on you assholes. Im serious. I dont pull this kind of shit for attention because personally I could care less what you thing about me. But Whatever your choosing to read this bullshit.

I was with Sam for a while. Then ryan came back. He hated me.. and I hated myself. I seriously thought that Ryan had left me and I would never see him again. Then I started to fall for Sam... my childhood friend. Then I found out I was pregnant with ryans kid I was looking forward to just having someone to love me.. unconditionally. you know? but then I jumped in to help Kat and that lindsay girl hit me in the stomach and I lost the kid. :sigh:

I was hanging out with Ryan the other night... and Sam saw me and flipped us off.. then he ran over to Heather and Lindsay and fucked around in the hottub. Whatever... I still love ryan, but that doesnt mean that I dont want to still be friends with sam

Im gonna go and wallow in my own personal depression. Call me if you want.

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