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Hey Stalkers,

Well... Ryan Apparently dissapeared. thats not fun now is it? Well I went to a party at some new kids house the other night. Everyone was there so I figured someone must have had some good shit. I was in the bathroom and I heard girlcrush talking to herself and yelling at herself as another person, now I could have been drunk, but this seemed really real you know?\

I also was dancing quite a bit. I was dancing with steve and heather while Kat was over there trying to make steve jealous with the new kid and some kid comes up and dances with me. First reaction? Hot. so, given that I danced with him Well, he commented on my journal and we decided to hang out. Wanna hear the fucking weirdest thing? I actually know the kid from when I lived in Montreal. How fucking crazy is that? His mom and my mom used to arrange 'playdates' for us to hang out when we were really little. he knows the old me... the preppy 'Cheerleading is my Dream' girl named Alexandra. Sigh. But then again I know little Sammy, the sweet kid next door. It was really freaky man.. So yeah we hung out, joked around, drank, watched tv. Same old shit Somehow that turned into sex? I feel bad because I really do love Ryan, but where has he been the past few weeks?

SO yeah If anyone wants to hang out or whatever, call my cell. Meeri gave me some time off.

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