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Shes Saying Goodbye...

Hey Stalkers...

Okay well the past few days of my life have gone by so slow, yet so much has happend to me. I was with Ryan and some guy asked if we wanted to race since ryan suprised me with a fucking amazing sports car. Well we raced and got chased by the cops. We pulled over to an alley way where Ryans Drug dealer, Rocco Salduchi friend held a gun to his head. We sped off to a gas station and ryan went to go ask for directions. The next thing I know im sitting in ryans car in my bra and boyshorts (went swimming at the beach) and his 'friend' was threatening to kill me for supposidly stealing his clients fucking up his business.. Ryan convinced him to leave me alone so he left. Then ryan and i got home and had wild crazy hot sex on my livingroom floor talked.

When i woke up in the morning I went to the mail box and there was an anonymous letter there which read "Remember stay out of it bitch" or something like that. Ryan didnt like the fact that this asshole was threatining me so he left. The next thing I know im getting a call from the police station, a few hours later , from ryan. He stabbed rocco someone. It was only to defend me though. I feel like shit. Ryan was scared.. i could tell sitting in a cell getting beat up so I talked to my moms ex charlie whos head seargent at the precient.. and he got ryan his own cell.. and I told him i was scared for my life so he let me stay with ryan. I accidently let it slip that I love him... love is a big word with great meaning.. I dont know... all i know is i get butterflys when I see him or even think of him for that matter.. I wonder if he feels that way about me?

I went to amys house the next morning. I got home and took a note out of my mailbox that reads "Your boyfriend thinks he can kill me? HAH now that hes in jail who is there to protect you. Watch yourself hotstuff" .Me and Amy decided to kill Rocco before he can kill me. so we went shopping and bought some clothes did our makeup and dressed like whores. We were very cautious and scraped out shoes to get the imprint out of the new shoe so we left unsure footprints. and everytyhing. Amy pretended she wanted him and I shot him 6 times in the chest in his BMW in an alleyway... noone saw us.. but im still scared..

Ryan has his appeal in court.. he was found not guilty. I gave him a welcome home gift... I told him how I killed rocco and he didnt take it to well.. i think hes mad at me because now theyll come after him but noone will because he was in custody the time of the murder. Wow Did i say murder? damn thats a fucked up word.

I really cant talk right now so leave me alone please?

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