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Im Begging You To Be My Escape..

Hey Stalkers,

Well this week has been chaotic. I was sitting on my stoop and Spin comes by.. which was funny because I never pictured him coming over to my house for fun. Anyway we went to buy some cokes but he got a phone call saying that El was in labor. Spin and I drove over to the hospital and Ellie had her baby. I heard her screaming all the way down the fucking hallway. I dont know how she did it man, I dont see myself pushing something the size of a bowling ball out of a whole the size of a quarter, fun. Yeah so she gets some brownie points for going through all of that shit. Her sons name is damian... hes really a small, red, squishy version of sean. Its cute haha.

Well after Ellie had her kid, I went walking around because spin was all paranoid blah because he thought that manny was cheating on him with jay, I said shes not as stupid as people think she is, she wouldnt go to jay.. doesnt like hospitals. So I left and I started walking home since Spin drove me over. It was a long walk but I had alot on my mind. I was walking by and alley and I saw some bum, well at least It looked like a bum thing laying down in the alley and I recognized ryans the jacket. I went over to it and kicked it... turns out it was Ryan. I found him hiding a needle and the next thing I know hes cursing at me to go to get him some shit... I didnt want to trust me, but he seemed like he was in pain, and I know how my dad acted when he didnt have anything... so i went around the corner where the jackass dealer hit on me and I went back and threw the shit at ryan.. he shot up right infront of me.. his face when he did has been in my mind for 3 days... I just cant get it out of my head.. he wants to stop and I want to help him but he said he has to do this on his own.

I couldnt even talk the whole way home... I just couldnt get that image out of my head we went to eat afterwards... he left me for a bit at the end and came back his nose was hurting so i kinda put two and two together we went home and I took a shower.. he went in after me and I just layed around. Then we started talking because I noticed all of my midol was missing.. he spilled it for some reason... oh well. Then we started to just talk and joke around. We got into talking about my past relationships for some reason and he asked me the million dollar question "What would you do if you found a guy who wouldnt cheat on you?" I said "Id probably die of shock" . The next thing I know... hes kissing me. I felt his head to make sure he wasnt sick and reminded him he was kissing me, and then we kissed again. I wasnt sure if it was the drugs or if he really liked me, I dont see why he would but hey thats his deal Then we both went to bed yes in seperate rooms amy lmao.

Seems as while I was doing this, SPinners car was flying off of a cliff. Amy was freaking out because he was pronounced dead. I said Untill I see a body, hes alive. I called manny because I didnt want to just leave him there if he was alive. We went looking for him in a cave and we found him. I elevated his head with our sweatshirts and I gave him mouth to mouth. Normally i wouldnt do this because everyone knows I Dont do actually care about people... but I did. The paramedics came when manny called and they brought him to the hospital. Manny and I got there and he started spazzing out.. I started screaming at some doctors and nurses who thought their coffee breaks were more important than one of my friends lives.... so I got them to fix him and it was all good. He woke up and then manny had to leave so i stayed because I didnt want to leave him just in case something happened and the doctors were on their Dinner breaks. I poked him because I was bored wondering if he was still alive. The next thing I know im getting the one eye open stare.. which is pretty freaky if you ask me. He kept throwing jello at me and pretending he was asleep. haha i put my fingers on his lips as if I was kissing him and he got up.. lmao he actually thought I kissed him. that was funny then he actually fell asleep.. after he told me I was worth the 50 cents for being his friend. haha.

So that was my chaotic week...and now Im here... telling all of you people who have no lives because you read MY journal. So im gonna go

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