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Even The Best Fall Down Sometimes...

Hey Stalkers,

Well the past few days have been fucked up.. Well I went paintballing with Amy, Cause Girl, darcy and some people and well... first your thinking "Why the hell wasnt I invited?" and if you know me your probably thinking "Why the hell was alex hanging out with Emma Nelson?" I know I was asking myself that question... oh well I shot her a few times so that was good.

Then Delrossi, Amy, Emma, Ellie and I went to ellies house to visit momma nash. Well that wasnt very pleasant. First off, her mom was sober for once... she was treating ellie like shit so I stood up to her and got bitch slapped...yes I got owned.. lmao del rossi. Well then some big 300lb 6'2 man came out in his tighty whities with a wedgie... he was fucking disgusting. Ellies mom kicked us out because she knows we were all making fun of her. So then Ellie realizes she forgot her guitar again so I go in, take it and some pictures of her dad and some cash for her and busted her moms kneecap. Then we all went on our merry way to sean and ellies party. Danced with craig and dani and did some coke with amy and emma hid in the bathtub and scared a bunch of people. I havent seen ryan around but im sure hell be back... hopefully... i wouldnt want anything bad to happen

Call meeee
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