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Interesting day...

Heyyy stalkers,

Well yesterday is probably the most eventful day I have had in a long ass time. It all started at Marty's Liquor store. I saw some kid that I didn't recognize, slipping a bottle into the inside pocket of his coat. I came up behind him and pretended that I worked there -- hah, I wish I could have had a camera to get the look on his face captured forever although... I wouldn't mind taking a picture of him just for fun ;] Anyway we got to talking and he showed me his vette. It was pretty hott. Then he told me about a couple of his hobbies and we wound up jacking a new Lexus Convertable that is sitting in my garage as I type this shit

We decided to race and we had to go hide out under the bridge after we heard some sirens or whatever. We hung out there for a bit and decided to go hide out at my place. Well when we leave... We get chased. I speed off, assuming that Ryan is either next to me or behind me.. but it turns out that he stopped. I stopped and turned around, feeling like shit, and then I watched him get into the back of the cop car.

Later on I went to visit him with Chads checkbook and we talked for a bit and then some man started saying shit to me in spanish. I got pissed and started to curse him out in spanish and the next thing I know Ryan hits him, a guard takes the mexican away, and ryan gets tazared. What fun...

Well I gotta go back to the station to make sure that my new friend is still alive.

Call me bitches

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