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Don't turn away...

Hey stalkers,

well Ryan got out of rehab the other day. We met up at the dot. he looks so different, In a good way you know? His face isn't pale and sunken in, it actually has come color to it and he smiled, Its good to see him like that again... We decided to eat at the dot considering he probably hasn't had real food in weeks. It was fun, catching up with things I don't know if he still loves me... we kind of avoided the topic.. but I do know one thing... I still love him no matter what. Sometimes I wish I could move on because there is no hope, but I can't. Call me crazy

Ry, give me a call we should hang out again.

GirlCrush, I dont know what the hell is up with you, but you better get your act together and fucking call me you slut. yeah you know I love you. CALL ME.

Kat - you too bitch, give me a call.. well go clubbing.

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