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Hey Stalkers,

Well the past few days have been interesting. Due to the fact that Im a teenager who consumes alcohol on occasion, I probably wont be able to tell you alot like i have in most of my entries.. what can I say? alot of time has gone by... well here is goes:

The other day ryan calls me from jail.. again. He was in there for trying to get this girls necklace from her mother. the mother decided to chase him around with an axe and ryan killed her in self defense. He was in jail and I went to visit him. I guess I was a bit bitchy but only because I care about him so much and I hate seeing him in trouble or hurt.. call it my defensive instinct if you will but I really do care about him and I want the best for him. I dont know I mean we have been through SO much together already and I thought i was helping him.. so I guess I was more dissapointed in myself... dont ask for an explination because Im lost myself on that one. Anyways we kinda argued in the visitors room but we made up... He came home and he was acting weird, stummbiling and I even made his favorite dinner and he wasnt hungry which was weird considering the fact he was in jail for a few days where I know there is not someone with a legal chef license behind the gate in the cafeteria... thats when I knew something was up. he came out of the shower and then through up. thats when I knew... he did it again. I could picture this so many other times in my head that I knew his eyes were glassy and he was sick. I got mad. Of course I got mad because of all the shit weve been through! I couldnt stand being in the same room with him so I left and met amy at the park. I came back dreding that ryan wouldnt be there and I started flipping out to amy.. sorry about that aim. But yeah ryan was there and heard everything. He told me about what happend in prison he was raped... god I feel horrible.. I still love him more than anything. and he told me he found my note which kinda made my heart drop but he kissed me and it was all better.

Today was hectic. I was just about to have crazy wild monkey sex watch a movie with ryan and star calls his cell. Ryan rushes out of the house and i secretly went to his backseat unoticingly.. and we stoped near the bank and ryan got star and I.. not dont ask me why.. I jumped on the guy who was shooting Kat. yeah what can I say im not exactly the cold hearted bitch you all know.. well not all the time. SO yeah then all of a sudden I hear a voice tell me to stop... so I turn around and shoot and turns out It was ryan.. yeah good fucking job alex, shooting your boyfriend in the arm. Good thing I have bad aim.. Next thing i know im shot in my side and bleeding alot.. star runs off and kills the attacker and comes back when ryan passes out. we all went to the hospital and well I dont know what happend, i was kind of delerious.. I think I died for a minute because I remember hearing flatlining and then forgetting everything else.. I lost alot of blood but im fine now.. wow all for Kat, whodathunkit?

well now that I gave you a detailed description of the past two days this should keep you occupied untill I get bored enough to write another one :)

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