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Counting Stars Wishing I Was Okay...

Hey Stalkers,

Yeah well Ryans court hearing went well... Not guilty.

Ive been hanging out with amy and everything so its been cool. Ryan and I have been getting closer and everything.. we even said the dreaded I love yous

Last night I called everyone and told them about a kickass party down in ontario.. and everyone showed up. Ryan dropped coke out of his pocket and I went into the bathroom and did it all... I know pretty fucking stupid thing to do a whole ounce your first time, but I wanted to know what was so special about it... I think I scared him because I passed out in a closet and he didnt know what to do.. now he knows how i feel almost every night when he comes home drugged up I have a bad headache now.

So yeah today ryan suprised me we went to a group like AA for coke addicts...He was nervous and he asked me to go with him and I did. He didnt like it very much but I know one of the main reasons he went was because of last night. On the way home he blurts out that he had more than one dealer.. when i ask him who he says KAT. WTF. that made me crazy.. the one girl who single handedly fucked up a year of my life, was now contributing to my boyfriends drug addiction? I guess I was just upset because I love ryan so much and Im trying so hard to help him and she just weighed him down.. We went to the beach and we hung out for a little while untill Kat showed up. I followed her and we kicked eachothers asses for a bit.. then emma got some shots in at kat.. and lets just say this probably isnt over....

VintageXBohoChic: notices kat walking and she jjumps up and follows her
Taste of Ink x6x: AMy was all blah. She got up and couldn't remember last night. And she was in Alex's house. "Shit. I didnt ... do anything stupid?" She asked herself. She stood up and called for Alex and got no answer
Taste of Ink x6x: Amy wondered where Alex was so she called her cellular phone. :-)
VintageXBohoChic: goes in her face looks like shes about to hit her but doesnt "You are the most PATHETIC excuse for a human being. Do you get some sort of kick out of ruining other peoples lives because your a NOTHING!?!"
xx onebigmystery: harsh. lol
Taste of Ink x6x: poor kat
VintageXBohoChic: (hehe <3)
xx onebigmystery: "What the fuck are you talking about?!" Crosses her arms.
Taste of Ink x6x: Amy will save her with the phone call lol
xx onebigmystery: Kat could fend for herself..
xx onebigmystery: but first ashley needs to get some water.
VintageXBohoChic: ignores her phone because shes furious "Your 'im just a poor innocent girl' may work for other people but it doesnt work with me YOU KNOW exactly what you did!"
Taste of Ink x6x: Amy hung up and left Alex's to go change. She walked home and changed and called Steve but again, no answer. "What the fuck. When did everyone get a life?" She sighed and went for a walk.
TatteredHeart00: emma goes to the beach and sees Alex yelling at Kat she gets closer so she can here
TatteredHeart00: hear*
Taste of Ink x6x: ha.
Taste of Ink x6x: Amy was walking and since she always goes to the park, she decided to go to the beach. She walked around and heard bitching. "I think I found Alex..." She walked closer and saw Emma, "Hey kid."
TatteredHeart00: "hey"
Taste of Ink x6x: "What's goin on?"
xx onebigmystery: "If this is about ryan, hes the one who called me, hes the one who paid me, its not my fault your boyfriends a coke addict.." Alex wasnt fasing her at all.
VintageXBohoChic: "You know what you already fucked up a year of my life by unbuttoning your pants and lowering your shirt a little bit you SLUT (c)
VintageXBohoChic: and now you wanna go and help feed my boyfriends coke addiction?! who the fuck do you think you are"
xx onebigmystery: "Guess you just have bad luck.. huh?" SHe raises an eyebrow. "Its not my fault Jay wanted me, just like its not my fault your boyfriend came to be for his drugs.. that just how it ended up.. (c)
xx onebigmystery: Now if you dont mind..." she goes to go around.
xx onebigmystery: her*
TatteredHeart00: emma just stood there and nodded at everything alex said
VintageXBohoChic: pushes her "IM NOT DONE. You know what why dont you just go kill yourself huh? Im sure noone would object.. one last worthless bitch in this world. THE BETTER"
Taste of Ink x6x: Amy watched and was thinking, yea, you fucked steve up too stupid hoe. lol
VintageXBohoChic: "and you offered ryan his drugs so dont even fucking start with that. I know the whole first thing is free shit"
TatteredHeart00: "ha!" she blurted out and laughed agreeing with alex
TatteredHeart00: that sounded funny...oh well u get it
Taste of Ink x6x: lol
xx onebigmystery: lol. great. She turns around and pushes her back. "No one said he had to come back. Just like Jay didnt have to keep coming back to me all those times."
VintageXBohoChic: pushes her back "Your right noone said jay had to go back to you. but you didnt have to start any of this shit. and if i catch you around my boyfriend with your drugs I swear to god i will fucking make you regret it"
TatteredHeart00: nodded
xx onebigmystery: Laughs a bit and cocks a brow. "and how do you plan on doing that?"
Taste of Ink x6x: Amy sighed feeling a twinge of sadness for Kat cause no one likes her lol.
xx onebigmystery: lol. even tho she saved her ass last night.
Taste of Ink x6x: yea lol. but she doesnt know it :-)
VintageXBohoChic: sees her laugh and gets pissed so she punches her in the face with all of her might.. worse than when she clocked amy
Taste of Ink x6x: awe.
VintageXBohoChic: "Go ahead keep laughing bitch"
xx onebigmystery: falls back a bit and licks her lip because it was bleeding. She gets pissed to and charges at alex knocking her to the ground. She starts banging her head off the ground.
VintageXBohoChic: "Bitch"kicks her off and gets on top of her and punches her over and over and over again
Taste of Ink x6x: Amy was like 'oh no girl crush' She walked up to them, "Hey! Cut it out."
Taste of Ink x6x: "WHat are we? 7?"
TatteredHeart00: just laughing at alex kicking kat's ass cuz she deserves it
xx onebigmystery: Head buts her and pushes her off then starts punching her hard in the face too.
VintageXBohoChic: knees her in the stomach and punches her in the face
xx onebigmystery: hah
Taste of Ink x6x: AMy grabbed Kat and pulled her away from Alex "What the hell is wrong with you two. Knock it off."
VintageXBohoChic: touches her lip. its bleeding
xx onebigmystery: glares at alex trying to get out of amys grip. She breaks away and kicks her hard in the side.
VintageXBohoChic: hold her side and then kicks her in the face
Taste of Ink x6x: Amy grabs Kat again and looks over at Emma with that 'help' look
TatteredHeart00: grabs kat by the hair and knees her in the stomach
TatteredHeart00: idk
xx onebigmystery: Elbows Emma as hard as she can in the stomach
VintageXBohoChic: hahah
Taste of Ink x6x: "I asked for help, not more people to pull off eachother." SHe said shoving Emma and pulling Kat back far away lol
TatteredHeart00: kicks kat hard in the face
xx onebigmystery: Kat feels like shes being jumped so she pushes Amy down. "Come near me again bitch, your dead." she says to alex and looks at the rest of them and walks away.
VintageXBohoChic: "You better stay away from me and ryan or I will kill you" Yells after her
Taste of Ink x6x: "What part of help means kick someone in teh face stupid head." She let Kat go cause Emma could deal lol
xx onebigmystery: "Yeah, if it was one on one I'd stomp you bitch.. lemme find you alone."
TatteredHeart00: "are you kidding! she deserves to get her ass kicked. she deserves to just go fall of a bridge!!!" she yelled toward kat
Taste of Ink x6x: AMy grabbed her head cause she was trying to thin kof how to calm them doen. She fell over like she passed out so they would shutup lol
VintageXBohoChic: "Trust me you dont want to be alone with me" has a knife in her sweatshirt tht she carries around because of the whole rocco incident
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