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OOC [09 Jul 2006|01:46pm]
hey guys,

Listen... i'll be in canada from july 24th - july 31st. I am going to chillax in toronto and go to epitiome.. so yeah I won't be around. Just a heads up!

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Sorry [09 Jul 2006|01:43pm]

Yeah, i've been dead.... what can I say... nothing interesting has been goin on the only excitement i've seen in months is when I wake up with Ryan every morning, who knew I could actually be falling in love with someone other than jay

If you wanna chillax or any of that shit.. give me a ring.

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Interesting day... [18 Apr 2006|01:15pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

Heyyy stalkers,

Well yesterday is probably the most eventful day I have had in a long ass time. It all started at Marty's Liquor store. I saw some kid that I didn't recognize, slipping a bottle into the inside pocket of his coat. I came up behind him and pretended that I worked there -- hah, I wish I could have had a camera to get the look on his face captured forever although... I wouldn't mind taking a picture of him just for fun ;] Anyway we got to talking and he showed me his vette. It was pretty hott. Then he told me about a couple of his hobbies and we wound up jacking a new Lexus Convertable that is sitting in my garage as I type this shit

We decided to race and we had to go hide out under the bridge after we heard some sirens or whatever. We hung out there for a bit and decided to go hide out at my place. Well when we leave... We get chased. I speed off, assuming that Ryan is either next to me or behind me.. but it turns out that he stopped. I stopped and turned around, feeling like shit, and then I watched him get into the back of the cop car.

Later on I went to visit him with Chads checkbook and we talked for a bit and then some man started saying shit to me in spanish. I got pissed and started to curse him out in spanish and the next thing I know Ryan hits him, a guard takes the mexican away, and ryan gets tazared. What fun...

Well I gotta go back to the station to make sure that my new friend is still alive.

Call me bitches

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[12 Apr 2006|04:24pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

Hey Stalkers,

Mommie Dearest decided that she and her fucking douche bag of a boyfriend were too good for me. My mom came home about a half hour late for work. Dickhead started to beat on her for that, so when I got involved I left with what seems like a botox injection. So yeah I go to work the next day and I come home to a house with no food, cash or any sign of life. I got some sort of message about living in vegas now. Whatever, the only thing that sucks is now I have to ask Meeri for some extra cash a week and that I officially have noone?

Other than that I haven't done jack shit so give me a call if you want to.


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This is the sound of settiling... [03 Mar 2006|04:16pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Hey Stalkers,

What's goin on? Well nothing out of the ordinary has happened in my life lately. I met that new girl -- Kat. She's pretty kick ass. She had a party at her house or whatever and I decided to grace everyone with my prescence. I have to say it was really interesting. There were some Kegs, people smoking, people dancing. I guess it was cool. Greenpeace is not as innocent as I thought. That's all I have to say.

Anyway. I was walking through town and I came across a red corvette. I was investigating, which any normal person would do, and the kid inside seemed kind of freaked out and pretty hot. We wound up going for some food at the dot and then I took him on a tour of this oh so lovely place. We somehow got into the school and I explained what really happend with Rick. Apparently the American News Stations viewed a warped version of the story. Some freaky shit happened in that school, Ryan was tripped by something and he cracked his head on the side of the desk, and the doors were locked so I broke some glass to get out of the school... it was pretty fucked up. Oh and something grabbed my ass...

Yeah so I have work tonight. Call me if you wanna hang out afterwards or whatever.

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RESTART First entry! [26 Feb 2006|09:02pm]
[ mood | pensive ]

Okay, I guess I have subjected myself to actually acquiring one of these things. Yes I, Alex Nunez, have conformed to the "norm" of society. So shoot me. . one thing that I hate about this place is the fact that if you are hated the second you open your mouth. If you be yourself and you're already screwed and no one cares about the reason behind your actions, they just care that you screwed up. I’m sure every single one of you know what I am talking about, don’t act stupid.. You can have all the school spirit you want, attend all the games or even become a cheerleader, but in the end you all know that this place sucks just as much as the next.

If there is one thing you shouldn’t do in life, judging me would be it. Don't judge me. That's one thing that pisses me off. If you don't know me, then you don't know me -- that’s it. If you don‘t know me then there is no reason for my name to be coming out of your mouth. Simple as that. You shouldn‘t run your mouth about stuff you don‘t know, it just proves my theory about everyone being ignorant.. If you don’t want to know me, that’s your problem. Most likely I don’t want to know you either. Then again you probably do want to know me if you are still reading this.

You guys are free to pass your judgments on me, its in the first ammendment. Who am I to go against that. However, you’d be wise to keep your opinions to yourself. I'm not a bad person. You would know that if you were my friend. I know it is shocking that I have friends -- but yeah I do. Some pretty kick ass ones if you ask me. They are obviously cool if they are seen with me. Yeah I’m not conceited either. As surprising as it is, I do have a heart. I’m pretty sure that you have heard about it being broken at some point or another. Everyone seems to know about that. I don’t intend on elaborating on it because it obviously isn’t worth it anymore. I’m not the type to wear my emotions on my sleeve. I am also not the type to let just anyone in. After all the crap that went on with my mom and her asshole Chad, I have come to the realization that all you get out of it, is pain

Despite my ‘don’t fuck with me’ attitude, I really don’t hate people the second I meet them. Most of the time all it takes is for them to start talking. Hah. Just kidding, I usually tolerate someone until they give me a reason to dislike them. With me its more like guilty until proven innocent. Not that sappy shit about innocent until proven guilty. Things don’t fly that way with me. They never have. I know that violence is never the right way to go, but if you push me over the edge.. We are going to have some problems. Just a warning.

However, I have changed over the past few years. I am no longer the first one to fight. I also have more tolerance for people. I am even best friends with the head cheerleader and the gay president. I don’t care about that kind of shit anymore. It doesn’t faze me anymore. These people are cool in my book and that’s all that matters.

Damn, I have already spent more than enough time enlightening you people. You already know too much about me so I’m just going to go to work. Meeri decided she was tired and wanted to go home so I have to go in. Give me a call or whatever. The screename is --> Im Just Alex Ox <-- Im it and add it.

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Don't turn away... [16 Jan 2006|01:04pm]
[ mood | okay ]

Hey stalkers,

well Ryan got out of rehab the other day. We met up at the dot. he looks so different, In a good way you know? His face isn't pale and sunken in, it actually has come color to it and he smiled, Its good to see him like that again... We decided to eat at the dot considering he probably hasn't had real food in weeks. It was fun, catching up with things I don't know if he still loves me... we kind of avoided the topic.. but I do know one thing... I still love him no matter what. Sometimes I wish I could move on because there is no hope, but I can't. Call me crazy

Ry, give me a call we should hang out again.

GirlCrush, I dont know what the hell is up with you, but you better get your act together and fucking call me you slut. yeah you know I love you. CALL ME.

Kat - you too bitch, give me a call.. well go clubbing.


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Merry Fucking Christmas [25 Dec 2005|04:10am]
[ mood | bitchy ]

Hey people,

Sorry for the lack of updates, my life has sucked more than usual so I havent really been up to it. get over it. Tis the season for all the fucking holidays. oh joy.

A holiday that recently passed was Thanksgiving. See now thats a holiday I dont understand at all. We treat the indians like shit and decieve them, and some how we all get fat from turkey every thanksgiving. How are we supposed to feel thankful about what we have when the holiday is based on something so cruel. Its like 'oh yeah lets be thankful that we treated the indians like shit and got our way'. Yeah whatever. Holidays SUCK. This thanksgiving I went to Ryans rehab and brought him some turkey. We had a long talk and he pretty much knows that I love him, and I always will. What he does with that information is his problem now.

I hung out with that Holden Kid. I showed him to some of the coolest places to skate or whatever. He's a cool kid he said he liked me... but I told him I still love Ryan, and until I have everything settled, I really dont want to get involved with anything or anyone because Ill just fuck everything up... as usual I also hung out with tyler. I got the kid a job at the movies. He's fucking fun to work with... hes got a good head on his shoulder and he learns quick, my kinda co worker.

Now, onto other shit.

Well what do you know? Its that time of year that no one really understands. If you go up to random people on the street and ask them What the fuck we have christmas for, half of them will give you a dumbass reply. Most people talk about some shit having to do with loved ones and presents. Well for those of us who have no Loved ones, thats a load of SHIT. How the fuck do we go from Jesus, to presents? Now, Im not religious at all.. but seriously even I know what went down on 'Christmas'. Christmas is really just another hallmark tradition to me.. Everyone goes crazy trying to find the perfect gift for everyone else. WHY? its not like its your damn birthday or anything.. for those of you who are religious and reading this... sorry if I offend you but as you know by now I speak my mind. Sorry to be Scrooge, but I guess the holidays just arent my thing.

Im out of here and I plan on sleeping in on christmas.. so call after 1pm spending christmas alone for the third year in a row

call me if you want..


((ooc: Just for the record, I am not trying to start a whole religon conflict, Just seems like something Alex would say. I love everyone and Happy holidays!! <3333)))

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I should tell you.. [27 Nov 2005|06:41pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

Life has been so complicated lately... Sometimes I just wish I wasnt here anymore. No im not getting all sappy and fucking pathetic on you assholes. Im serious. I dont pull this kind of shit for attention because personally I could care less what you thing about me. But Whatever your choosing to read this bullshit.

I was with Sam for a while. Then ryan came back. He hated me.. and I hated myself. I seriously thought that Ryan had left me and I would never see him again. Then I started to fall for Sam... my childhood friend. Then I found out I was pregnant with ryans kid I was looking forward to just having someone to love me.. unconditionally. you know? but then I jumped in to help Kat and that lindsay girl hit me in the stomach and I lost the kid. :sigh:

I was hanging out with Ryan the other night... and Sam saw me and flipped us off.. then he ran over to Heather and Lindsay and fucked around in the hottub. Whatever... I still love ryan, but that doesnt mean that I dont want to still be friends with sam

Im gonna go and wallow in my own personal depression. Call me if you want.


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This is the sound of settiling.. [22 Oct 2005|01:42am]
[ mood | crushed ]

hey stalkers,

well Ryans back <3 I have been spending time with him even though he found sams boxers on my couch.. and I kinda told him about the hookup.. I really missed him <3

Now Im bored and couchless.. so call me to let me borrow your couch :D


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Yeah... [16 Oct 2005|02:31pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Hey Stalkers,

Well... Ryan Apparently dissapeared. thats not fun now is it? Well I went to a party at some new kids house the other night. Everyone was there so I figured someone must have had some good shit. I was in the bathroom and I heard girlcrush talking to herself and yelling at herself as another person, now I could have been drunk, but this seemed really real you know?\

I also was dancing quite a bit. I was dancing with steve and heather while Kat was over there trying to make steve jealous with the new kid and some kid comes up and dances with me. First reaction? Hot. so, given that I danced with him Well, he commented on my journal and we decided to hang out. Wanna hear the fucking weirdest thing? I actually know the kid from when I lived in Montreal. How fucking crazy is that? His mom and my mom used to arrange 'playdates' for us to hang out when we were really little. he knows the old me... the preppy 'Cheerleading is my Dream' girl named Alexandra. Sigh. But then again I know little Sammy, the sweet kid next door. It was really freaky man.. So yeah we hung out, joked around, drank, watched tv. Same old shit Somehow that turned into sex? I feel bad because I really do love Ryan, but where has he been the past few weeks?

SO yeah If anyone wants to hang out or whatever, call my cell. Meeri gave me some time off.


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[06 Oct 2005|07:08pm]
Okay why Do I feel left out? Someone call me or whatever..
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[11 Sep 2005|04:07pm]
[ mood | ditzy ]

Hey stalkers,

well Im back. I decided I needed some time away from all the shit thats veen going on. So yeah Im back now, if anyone wants to do anything give me a call. Ryan where are you? I miss you...


[[Sorry people, Ive been REALLY busy with a new job, my road test in 3 days, college classes, senior year starting and everything like that. Its all good now and I can rp again <3 thanks for being pacient
xoxo nicole]]

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If the people we love are stolen from us, the way to have them live on is to never stop loving them. [24 Aug 2005|02:10am]
[ mood | crushed ]

Hey stalkers,

well Im out of the hospital.. I cant wait to see everyone. Call me if you want to hang out or whatever..

anything interesting go on while I was away in a coma? well call me if you have any good gossip.


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[14 Aug 2005|06:21am]
[ mood | in alot of Pain ]

Hey Stalkers,

Well the past few days have been interesting. Due to the fact that Im a teenager who consumes alcohol on occasion, I probably wont be able to tell you alot like i have in most of my entries.. what can I say? alot of time has gone by... well here is goes:

The other day ryan calls me from jail.. again. He was in there for trying to get this girls necklace from her mother. the mother decided to chase him around with an axe and ryan killed her in self defense. He was in jail and I went to visit him. I guess I was a bit bitchy but only because I care about him so much and I hate seeing him in trouble or hurt.. call it my defensive instinct if you will but I really do care about him and I want the best for him. I dont know I mean we have been through SO much together already and I thought i was helping him.. so I guess I was more dissapointed in myself... dont ask for an explination because Im lost myself on that one. Anyways we kinda argued in the visitors room but we made up... He came home and he was acting weird, stummbiling and I even made his favorite dinner and he wasnt hungry which was weird considering the fact he was in jail for a few days where I know there is not someone with a legal chef license behind the gate in the cafeteria... thats when I knew something was up. he came out of the shower and then through up. thats when I knew... he did it again. I could picture this so many other times in my head that I knew his eyes were glassy and he was sick. I got mad. Of course I got mad because of all the shit weve been through! I couldnt stand being in the same room with him so I left and met amy at the park. I came back dreding that ryan wouldnt be there and I started flipping out to amy.. sorry about that aim. But yeah ryan was there and heard everything. He told me about what happend in prison he was raped... god I feel horrible.. I still love him more than anything. and he told me he found my note which kinda made my heart drop but he kissed me and it was all better.

Today was hectic. I was just about to have crazy wild monkey sex watch a movie with ryan and star calls his cell. Ryan rushes out of the house and i secretly went to his backseat unoticingly.. and we stoped near the bank and ryan got star and I.. not dont ask me why.. I jumped on the guy who was shooting Kat. yeah what can I say im not exactly the cold hearted bitch you all know.. well not all the time. SO yeah then all of a sudden I hear a voice tell me to stop... so I turn around and shoot and turns out It was ryan.. yeah good fucking job alex, shooting your boyfriend in the arm. Good thing I have bad aim.. Next thing i know im shot in my side and bleeding alot.. star runs off and kills the attacker and comes back when ryan passes out. we all went to the hospital and well I dont know what happend, i was kind of delerious.. I think I died for a minute because I remember hearing flatlining and then forgetting everything else.. I lost alot of blood but im fine now.. wow all for Kat, whodathunkit?

well now that I gave you a detailed description of the past two days this should keep you occupied untill I get bored enough to write another one :)

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Counting Stars Wishing I Was Okay... [31 Jul 2005|09:41pm]
[ mood | drained ]

Hey Stalkers,

Yeah well Ryans court hearing went well... Not guilty.

Ive been hanging out with amy and everything so its been cool. Ryan and I have been getting closer and everything.. we even said the dreaded I love yous

Last night I called everyone and told them about a kickass party down in ontario.. and everyone showed up. Ryan dropped coke out of his pocket and I went into the bathroom and did it all... I know pretty fucking stupid thing to do a whole ounce your first time, but I wanted to know what was so special about it... I think I scared him because I passed out in a closet and he didnt know what to do.. now he knows how i feel almost every night when he comes home drugged up I have a bad headache now.

So yeah today ryan suprised me we went to a group like AA for coke addicts...He was nervous and he asked me to go with him and I did. He didnt like it very much but I know one of the main reasons he went was because of last night. On the way home he blurts out that he had more than one dealer.. when i ask him who he says KAT. WTF. that made me crazy.. the one girl who single handedly fucked up a year of my life, was now contributing to my boyfriends drug addiction? I guess I was just upset because I love ryan so much and Im trying so hard to help him and she just weighed him down.. We went to the beach and we hung out for a little while untill Kat showed up. I followed her and we kicked eachothers asses for a bit.. then emma got some shots in at kat.. and lets just say this probably isnt over....

((The convo is behind the cut for any one interested <3))Collapse )
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Shes Saying Goodbye... [26 Jul 2005|11:28pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

Hey Stalkers...

Okay well the past few days of my life have gone by so slow, yet so much has happend to me. I was with Ryan and some guy asked if we wanted to race since ryan suprised me with a fucking amazing sports car. Well we raced and got chased by the cops. We pulled over to an alley way where Ryans Drug dealer, Rocco Salduchi friend held a gun to his head. We sped off to a gas station and ryan went to go ask for directions. The next thing I know im sitting in ryans car in my bra and boyshorts (went swimming at the beach) and his 'friend' was threatening to kill me for supposidly stealing his clients fucking up his business.. Ryan convinced him to leave me alone so he left. Then ryan and i got home and had wild crazy hot sex on my livingroom floor talked.

When i woke up in the morning I went to the mail box and there was an anonymous letter there which read "Remember stay out of it bitch" or something like that. Ryan didnt like the fact that this asshole was threatining me so he left. The next thing I know im getting a call from the police station, a few hours later , from ryan. He stabbed rocco someone. It was only to defend me though. I feel like shit. Ryan was scared.. i could tell sitting in a cell getting beat up so I talked to my moms ex charlie whos head seargent at the precient.. and he got ryan his own cell.. and I told him i was scared for my life so he let me stay with ryan. I accidently let it slip that I love him... love is a big word with great meaning.. I dont know... all i know is i get butterflys when I see him or even think of him for that matter.. I wonder if he feels that way about me?

I went to amys house the next morning. I got home and took a note out of my mailbox that reads "Your boyfriend thinks he can kill me? HAH now that hes in jail who is there to protect you. Watch yourself hotstuff" .Me and Amy decided to kill Rocco before he can kill me. so we went shopping and bought some clothes did our makeup and dressed like whores. We were very cautious and scraped out shoes to get the imprint out of the new shoe so we left unsure footprints. and everytyhing. Amy pretended she wanted him and I shot him 6 times in the chest in his BMW in an alleyway... noone saw us.. but im still scared..

Ryan has his appeal in court.. he was found not guilty. I gave him a welcome home gift... I told him how I killed rocco and he didnt take it to well.. i think hes mad at me because now theyll come after him but noone will because he was in custody the time of the murder. Wow Did i say murder? damn thats a fucked up word.

I really cant talk right now so leave me alone please?

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Im Begging You To Be My Escape.. [23 Jul 2005|02:31pm]
[ mood | weird ]

Hey Stalkers,

Well this week has been chaotic. I was sitting on my stoop and Spin comes by.. which was funny because I never pictured him coming over to my house for fun. Anyway we went to buy some cokes but he got a phone call saying that El was in labor. Spin and I drove over to the hospital and Ellie had her baby. I heard her screaming all the way down the fucking hallway. I dont know how she did it man, I dont see myself pushing something the size of a bowling ball out of a whole the size of a quarter, fun. Yeah so she gets some brownie points for going through all of that shit. Her sons name is damian... hes really a small, red, squishy version of sean. Its cute haha.

Well after Ellie had her kid, I went walking around because spin was all paranoid blah because he thought that manny was cheating on him with jay, I said shes not as stupid as people think she is, she wouldnt go to jay.. doesnt like hospitals. So I left and I started walking home since Spin drove me over. It was a long walk but I had alot on my mind. I was walking by and alley and I saw some bum, well at least It looked like a bum thing laying down in the alley and I recognized ryans the jacket. I went over to it and kicked it... turns out it was Ryan. I found him hiding a needle and the next thing I know hes cursing at me to go to get him some shit... I didnt want to trust me, but he seemed like he was in pain, and I know how my dad acted when he didnt have anything... so i went around the corner where the jackass dealer hit on me and I went back and threw the shit at ryan.. he shot up right infront of me.. his face when he did has been in my mind for 3 days... I just cant get it out of my head.. he wants to stop and I want to help him but he said he has to do this on his own.

I couldnt even talk the whole way home... I just couldnt get that image out of my head we went to eat afterwards... he left me for a bit at the end and came back his nose was hurting so i kinda put two and two together we went home and I took a shower.. he went in after me and I just layed around. Then we started talking because I noticed all of my midol was missing.. he spilled it for some reason... oh well. Then we started to just talk and joke around. We got into talking about my past relationships for some reason and he asked me the million dollar question "What would you do if you found a guy who wouldnt cheat on you?" I said "Id probably die of shock" . The next thing I know... hes kissing me. I felt his head to make sure he wasnt sick and reminded him he was kissing me, and then we kissed again. I wasnt sure if it was the drugs or if he really liked me, I dont see why he would but hey thats his deal Then we both went to bed yes in seperate rooms amy lmao.

Seems as while I was doing this, SPinners car was flying off of a cliff. Amy was freaking out because he was pronounced dead. I said Untill I see a body, hes alive. I called manny because I didnt want to just leave him there if he was alive. We went looking for him in a cave and we found him. I elevated his head with our sweatshirts and I gave him mouth to mouth. Normally i wouldnt do this because everyone knows I Dont do actually care about people... but I did. The paramedics came when manny called and they brought him to the hospital. Manny and I got there and he started spazzing out.. I started screaming at some doctors and nurses who thought their coffee breaks were more important than one of my friends lives.... so I got them to fix him and it was all good. He woke up and then manny had to leave so i stayed because I didnt want to leave him just in case something happened and the doctors were on their Dinner breaks. I poked him because I was bored wondering if he was still alive. The next thing I know im getting the one eye open stare.. which is pretty freaky if you ask me. He kept throwing jello at me and pretending he was asleep. haha i put my fingers on his lips as if I was kissing him and he got up.. lmao he actually thought I kissed him. that was funny then he actually fell asleep.. after he told me I was worth the 50 cents for being his friend. haha.

So that was my chaotic week...and now Im here... telling all of you people who have no lives because you read MY journal. So im gonna go

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Even The Best Fall Down Sometimes... [18 Jul 2005|12:57pm]
[ mood | lalalala ]

Hey Stalkers,

Well the past few days have been fucked up.. Well I went paintballing with Amy, Cause Girl, darcy and some people and well... first your thinking "Why the hell wasnt I invited?" and if you know me your probably thinking "Why the hell was alex hanging out with Emma Nelson?" I know I was asking myself that question... oh well I shot her a few times so that was good.

Then Delrossi, Amy, Emma, Ellie and I went to ellies house to visit momma nash. Well that wasnt very pleasant. First off, her mom was sober for once... she was treating ellie like shit so I stood up to her and got bitch slapped...yes I got owned.. lmao del rossi. Well then some big 300lb 6'2 man came out in his tighty whities with a wedgie... he was fucking disgusting. Ellies mom kicked us out because she knows we were all making fun of her. So then Ellie realizes she forgot her guitar again so I go in, take it and some pictures of her dad and some cash for her and busted her moms kneecap. Then we all went on our merry way to sean and ellies party. Danced with craig and dani and did some coke with amy and emma hid in the bathtub and scared a bunch of people. I havent seen ryan around but im sure hell be back... hopefully... i wouldnt want anything bad to happen

Call meeee
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[16 Jul 2005|01:00am]
[ mood | blank ]

Hey Stalkers...

Ok because I'm fucking bored, and cuz I said so... fill this shit out . Thanks.

go out with me?
give me your number?
kiss me?
let me kiss you?
watch a movie with me?
take me out to dinner?
dance with me?
take a shower with me?
be my bf/gf?
take me home for the night?
Would you let me sleep in your bed?
Sing car karaoke w/ me?
re-post this for me to answer your questions?
give me a piggyback ride?
Come pick me up at 3 am because my car ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere
Lock me in your room and take advantage of me?
lick my cheek?
make me breakfast?
help me with homework?
tickle me to death?
let me tickle you?
stick up for me if i was being put down?
play strip poker with me?
say yes if i asked you out?
get wasted with me?
instant message me?
greet me in public?
hang out with me?
bring me around your friends?

D0 Y0U...
think im cute?
think im hot?
want to kiss me?
want to cuddle with me?
want to hook up with me?
want to have sex with me?

in a relationship?
gonna have kids?

AM i...
great to be with?

thought about me?
thought there might be an "us"?
thought about hookin up with me?
found yourself wanting a kiss from me?
wished i were there?
grabbed me?
had a crush on me?
idolized me?
wanted my number?
had a dream about me?
been distracted by me?
wanted to have sex with me?

ARE Y0U...
done with this survey?
happy you know me?
mad at me?
thinkin bout me?
going to repost this so that i will return the favor

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